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Seville, Spain

 Seville, Spain

Definitely edible - every September. Scoop out the sweet center or eat the skin for an amazing combo of textures. A party on the palate begins with a fig ripe off the tree.

Fresh figs off the tree

What is the appeal of a private chef? You get a restaurant quality meal in your home and the chef enjoys seeing the spontaneous smile on the person enjoying what has been custom prepared.

“I gravitate toward Mediterranean, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine which often is gluten-free and dairy-free which is more in demand these days. I would say my cuisine is International, healthy comfort food.”

Heidi loves traveling and exploring flavor combinations around the world. It’s fascinating to see how the same simple ingredients can vary by flavor and method of preparation.

Heidi is a self-taught, certified personal chef who received her inspiration while working several years as a server and Restaurant supervisor at the New England Culinary Institute in Essex, Vermont. She started serving and eventually cooking for small dinner parties there, then continued when she moved to NYC in 2002.

Having lived several years in eastern and western Europe along with other travels, Heidi was always intrigued by learning the technique and methods of preparation for basic foods as well as exploring unique ingredients and flavor profiles. She is amazed at the endless combinations and likes broadening the horizons of others by trying new things in a fun and relaxed virtual environment.

“I think cooking requires humility and devotion. There are so many possibilities of artistic expression while satisfying a practical need.  We will always love eating with people and it’s a special way to connect with others. I’m often asked: ‘What’s your favorite thing to cook?’ This is a tough one. There is so much variety but anything tasty and healthy. It doesn’t need to swim in butter to taste good (but I do LOVE butter). When cooking for others, I take into account who will be eating, the reason for the event, and the dietary restrictions of the guests. Then I create an original menu. Of course I have my tried and true crowd-pleasers that I have made over and over for many different events.”

“Cooking is a craft, I like to think that a good cook is a craftsman – not an artist. The great cathedrals ever built were built by craftsmen – though not designed by them.  Practicing your craft in expert fashion is noble, honorable and satisfying.” Anthony Bourdain

(All photos taken by Heidi)

Bon appétit! 

¡Buen provecho!

Приятного Аппетита!

Guten Appetit!

Buon appetito!

hyvää ruokahalua!

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