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  1. Amanda Beck

    Heidi is pretty off the charts AMAZING. We asked her to come to Florida and make an entirely vegan menu in three intense cooking sessions. We also asked that she inspire us to make our own delicious vegan food once we didn’t have the benefit of a chef in our house. Heidi did everything we asked of her and exceeded our expectations in every way. I would not hesitate to recommend her services! I have also taken an online cooking class from her and learned about techniques and spices that I use and enjoy even now. Are you looking for a personal chef? Cooking instructor? Caterer? Look no further. 👩🏻‍🍳

  2. Eve G

    I have known Heidi for several years now and can attest to her professionalism, positive attitude and delicious cooking ! Heidi is easy to work with, detailed in her advanced preparations and ready to go solo or with her team when she arrives at our home. I strongly recommend that you give her catering skills a try !

  3. Rebecca W (VT)

    My daughter is finishing High School on line and we are always looking for classes that she can use to supplement her course work… Cooking with Heidi was perfect! Heidi has a great teaching style. She explained things in a way that gave my daughter confidence during the class and this has carried over to every day cooking too. Although there were set recipes, my daughter also learned different flavors that complement each other. This has helped her to use what we have on hand to make something delicious instead of just having to stick to a set recipe. As an added bonus, her friends were able to join the class too! It was a really fun time. I would definitely recommend Heidi’s classes!

  4. Delise Chung (Brooklyn, NY)

    Heidi made our weekend amazing, her attention to details were impeccable. She delivers exactly what she says, no detail left undone. From the appetizers, to the main course – delicious. Especially the lamb and couscous. I will definitely book her again. She is professional, courteous and friendly.

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